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SCENAR technology

What is RitmSCENAR®?

Based on the priciples of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the achievements of modern electrotherapy. RitmSCENAR® brilliantly combines the most up-to-date electronic technology with the ancient healing arts of the East.

The RitmSCENAR® range offer an effective, non-invasive medical technology, which works by stimulating the body’s inherent self-healing mechanisms, with no undesirable side effects.

How does RitmSCENAR® work?

The RitmSCENAR® device works through your skin (transdermal). It uses computer-modulated, electrical impulses to stimulate your brain. The brain responds with it’s own signal which is picked up by the SCENAR device.

The device then interprets the brain’s response and modifies its next impulse back to the brain to work at restoring balance to the body (active reflex biofeedback). The brain, in turn, sends a modified response until homeostasis is achieved.

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What people say...

One moment I was in absolute agony, having injured the base of my back. I could hardly get in or out of the car and it was really painful. But 5 minutes treatment with the SCENAR I was back on court playing again, much to the amazement of everyone around me. I just could not believe it. Absolutely extraordinary – don’t ask me how it works, but I would use SCENAR every time!

Mike Read, BBC DJ, 71

I had muscular back pain from over exercising at the gym and i have had the pain continually for 3 days. As soon as you touched me with the magic wand it healed. It’s really gone, in just a couple of minutes.

Piotr Kamil, 28

I couldn’t feel my lower back for the last few years, within my 10 minute SCENAR Session the feeling came back.

Marcus Michele, 19

SCENAR was dubbed the “Star Trek healing device” by the Western press, and in the last 30+ years, there were many situations where it turned out to be not such an overstatement after all.

Dr. Irina Kossovskaia, MD PhD DNM