Biolife is dedicated to introducing you to the revolutionary SCENAR technology and helping you integrate it into your routine. We are a small UK based limited company who put customer needs before anything else. Our initial involvement with SCENAR began following personal health success and we wholeheartedly believe this technology is an extraordinary addition to any health professionals arsenal.


We have two natural health experts at Biolife. Kashi came to natural health after the illness and loss of his partner to breast cancer 25 years ago.

Originally an Aeronautical Engineer, Kashi studied psychology and psychotherapy before becoming the head trainer with The Journey Workshops UK with Brandon Bays from 1994-95.

Realising the importance of the role nutrition plays in the wellbeing of an individual, Kashi spent seven years under the tutelage of the teacher, doctor and chef Dr. Shyam Singha, author of the book and website, “The Secrets Of Natural Health” and exponent of the principle of using our food as medicine.

After teaching vegan cooking for health and consulting in the field of natural health and healing for 12 years, Kashi discovered SCENAR technology and the work of Dr. Revenko and Pr. Kasarev.


Jaany entered the field of natural health through her own experience. Diagnosed with a serious disease at the age of 29 and surviving conventional medicine for nearly 5 years and all that it entails, her decision was one of pure survival. ‘I had no choice but take my health into my own hands or my life was over’.

It was at this point that Jaany met Kashi who trained her in vegan cooking using ‘food as medicine’, introduced her to natural methods of healing, yoga, meditation and breathwork.

Jaany uses the scenar ritm device frequently for continuing healing, maintenance and pain relief.’It is the most wonderful magical device, it works deeply with the body and it’s effects are immediate.