As a fibromyalgia sufferer myself – and using the Scenar to treat myself – I can say that it helped heaps, to the point where I can have weeks without pain. However, particuarly, in the early days, I always had exacerbation of pain. It’s almost as if the body over-reacts in a big way. I notice now that if I lie in the EB (Healing Blanket) after treatment, that I have no exacerbation afterwards.

I absolutely love the Scenar, it’s given me back my life. Before Scenar I used to be in chronic pain & feel so tired that I’d just look up and say “Beam me up, I’ve had enough”. I’ve also treated others with fibromyalgia & they react in the same way – they get exacerbations as well.

Speaking for myself, it was a very gradual & subtle change – but gradually I just started feeling better & better. Then, one day, probably 6 months later, I suddenly realised that I hadn’t been in pain for a week.

Just tell your patients that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Rosemary Carden

A group of 10 patients aged 2 to 7 years was treated with halochamber and Scenar therapy. The group included 5 patients with bronchial asthma, 3 patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis, and 2 patients with acute pneumonia.

Combined application of the Scenar therapy and halochamber was shown to produce a quick healing, faster recovery, less side effects and lower dosage of medication.

Yershove R. I.

Scenar devices are ideal to overcome the shortcomings of modern medicine. Scenar therapy does not interfere with the body’s self-recovery; helps mobilize its adaptive abilities; and speeds healing with no complications or transition to a chronic condition.

My experience has shown that for any condition which is not a matter of life and death, Scenar therapy is the ideal choice.

Posvezhinsky S. F.

I have had trouble with my neck for years. I could not turn my neck when driving so I would have to go to the chiropractor and get adjusted. I now have a SCENAR and I run the 6 points on my neck whenever I notice a problem starting, which is not very often anymore. That takes care of my neck problem with no pain and I can do it at home.

Charlene Penny

The pain in my hip built for months until it was agony. I had pethedine injections and went on morphine and several other drugs. After collapsing at work and unable to walk, I decided to have daily Scenar treatments.

After 10 days I’d stopped the drugs, was almost pain free and drove 80 miles to a key work event. I had a few follow-ups until a slight ache was gone and in the six months since then i’ve been totally pain-free and resumed a very active life.

Stephanie Davies-Arai, Lewes

I feel so privileged to own a SCENAR! Even as a total scenar novice I have had outstanding success.

One woman could breathe through her nose for the first time in 15 years! After one treatment on myself I was able to free up my carpel tunnel; reduce & disappear cysts on my breast and lowered my blood pressure… Never having owned any other device I cannot compare. I just say, Thank you.

Shona Wilson

I snapped my achilles tendon and had surgery. A few months later, I was in acute pain – a permanent suture was rubbing against the scar tissue. Walking was difficult and driving was impossible. After using the Scenar once the pain went and hasn’t returned.

Marco Crivello

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